Oceanfront Condo or Golf Course Condo

Decisions, decisions, decisions. If you’ve decided to invest in one of many great Myrtle Beach condos for sale, you’ll be making a number of decisions as you look to find just the right property to fit yo­­­ur budget and needs. For many, one of the big decisions they’ll be making is whether to invest in oceanfront property, golf course property or other location when buying a condo along the Grand Strand.

Oceanfront Condos for SaleTraditionally, oceanfront resort condos for sale bring the highest rental income as well as the best appreciation over time. Put yourself in the place of a vacationer and ask yourself where you would rather stay: oceanfront or golf course? The answer for the overwhelming majority of vacationers is oceanfront. Who wouldn’t want to be able to just step out their door and walk out on some of the greatest beaches on the face of the earth whenever they wanted? There’s fun in the sun and surf during the day and relaxing to gentle sea breezes and the sound of the surf from your private balcony in the evening. With more than 100 great golf courses throughout the Grand Strand, a great round of golf on a great course is never more than a short drive away.

Golf Course Condo RentalThat’s not to say buying a condo on one of the area’s great golf courses isn’t a good investment as well. Just as there are renters who don’t mind paying a premium to be on the oceanfront, there are renters looking for more affordable accommodations who don’t mind a short drive to the beach. And golf course units are typically more affordable and fit a wider range of investment budgets.

Of course, there are many other important considerations when buying a vacation home. What are the homeowners’ association fees and what do they cover? What’s the rental history? Where is the property located and what are the location’s benefits and liabilities? What are the resort’s amenities? These are all great questions a professional Realtor will be able to help you with.