Last Updated: March 21, 2018

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale

It really is true that real estate is such a good investment because they're not making it anymore, and nowhere is that more true than with oceanfront condos for sale in the Myrtle Beach area. Consistently rated as one of the country's top vacation destinations, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach are also ranked as one of the country's top places to retire as well. And with a Myrtle Beach vacation an annual ritual for many families, oceanfront condos for sale in Myrtle Beach are definitely a top investment opportunity as well.

Oceanfront condos for sale in Myrtle Beach, SC

While the number of Myrtle Beach oceanfront resort condos being built has slowed after reaching their peak in 2003-2005, new oceanfront resort condos continue to be built. And while Myrtle Beach was not as severely impacted by the nation's economic downturn as many areas, the past few years did see prices for oceanfront resort condos for sale fall. Now, with the housing market showing 6% percent growth in 2011, market values seem poised for a rebound. With historically low interest rates and property prices that likely won't be seen again, buying an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach has rarely been such a wise investment decision. It's also worth noting that ocean view condos for sale can be profitable as well, despite having the inability to bring as much rental revunue as oceanfront units.

Oceanfront Condos for Sale in Myrtle Beach, SC