Last Updated: March 21, 2018

Myrtle Beach, SC and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes 'Myrtle Beach' and 'the Grand Strand' go hand in hand when referring to everything spectacular that we have to offer in this beach condo community. It's important to note though there are other areas around Myrtle Beach that deserve just as much praise, not just for their drastic AND subtle differences, but for their community lifestyle as well. The condos for sale in Little River, SC, may take a different shape than condos in Murrells Inlet, not only in style, but in price as well.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC - Condos For Sale

The central hub filled with oceanfront condos up and down it's coastline. You get a fair pick of condominiums here in Myrtle Beach.

Surfside Beach, SC

Surfside Beach, SC - Condos For Sale

Surfside Beach, just south of the city of Myrtle Beach, another very residential area with plenty of live-in condos at your fingertips.

Garden City Beach, SC

Garden City Beach, SC - Condos For Sale

Garden City and Surfside Beach go hand in hand, where loads of businesses dot the busy Highway 17.

Murrell's Inlet, SC

Murrells Inlet, SC - Condos For Sale

Murrells Inlet. Far enough from Myrtle Beach, and loaded with popular seafood restaurants and dining.

Pawley's Island, SC

Pawley's Island, SC - Condos For Sale

A more high-end residential area. You won't find a huge array of condos in the area, but the peacefulness matches no other.

Little River, SC

Little River, SC - Condos For Sale

Located north of North Myrtle Beach, SC, Little River is a bit more residential, and is only a very quick drive to the beach.

North Myrtle Beach, SC

North Myrtle Beach, SC - Condos For Sale

A separate city from Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle is the quieter, less established, version. Still offering thousands of oceanfront condos.

Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove Beach - Condos For Sale

A section of North Myrtle Beach, Cherry Grove is highly residential, which is why condos here are a bit more rare, but highly coveted.

Ocean Drive Beach

Ocean Drive Beach - Condos For Sale

The Ocean Drive section of North Myrtle Beach offers plenty condos for sale, both oceanfront and off-beach

Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach - Condos For Sale

Also part of North Myrtle Beach, SC, Crescent Beach is home to some very popular condos and is in the heart of North Myrtle.

Windy Hill

Windy Hill - Condos For Sale

Another section of North Myrtle Beach located on the southern end of North Myrtle. Still a huge selection to choose from.